Mt. Williamson Motel
and Base Camp

PCT, JMT and backpacker resupply

We offer backpacker resupply services for motel guests; call Strider at 760-878-2121 or email for specifics. 


We offer our Complete Resupply Package ($175 for one person, $225 double occupancy) that includes:

Strider at Muir Hut

  1. Receiving and holding your resupply in our secure, air-conditioned motel;

  2. Complimentary beverage upon arrival;

  3. One night’s lodging;

  4. One breakfast per person;

  5. One load of laundry per person;

  6. Complimentary ride to and from Onion Valley Campground.

Additional loads of laundry are $15 per load.

Fuel, packing and logistical help also are available.

We require 72 hours advance notice via email or phone to cancel a reservation and receive a full refund.


Please DO NOT mail your resupply to the motel unless you have a reservation. There is a $75 charge for non-motel guest resupply packages.

Ship your well-sealed 3-5 gallon resupply bucket to:
Mt. Williamson Motel and Base Camp, PO Box 128, Independence, CA 93526.

Please send your bucket so it arrives at least one week ahead of your expected pickup/arrival date. Print your name and expected pickup date on the outside of the bucket.

We are open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., holidays included.

Note that you cannot ship or mail fuel of any kind.  We have MSR fuel canisters for sale at the Motel. (If you let us know ahead, we will do our best to buy other fuel types for you).


Mt. Williamson Motel and Base Camp
PO Box 128
Independence, CA 93526

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