Hiker Resupply

A photo of a hiker resupply bucket with the Sierra Nevada in the background


Sadly, the 2019 hiking season is coming to a close. It has been amazing! We will be discontinuing our resupply service as of September 30. All resupply buckets must be picked up on or before September 30. If for any reason you are unable to pick up your resupply before September 30, please contact us prior to September 27 to make arrangements.

Hiker resupply package for one: $265

Hiker resupply package for two: $365

Resupply hold for non-overnight guests: $75

Single way transport ( Between Onion Valley and our motel. Available for overnight guests) : $40

Resupply hold and ride for non-overnight guests:( We take you back to the trail the same day): $150


Extra Parking: $5/day Limited supply available

Luggage Storage: $5/day

Bear Canister rental: $10/week Limited supply available.

Fuel Canister:

All of our employees are veteran backpackers and are available for logistical and packing help.

We have a backpack scale on site if you want to impress yourself.

Your account will be charged $75 once we receive your resupply. This fee is non-refundable. If you cancel your resupply you will be charged a $25 service fee for the work that goes into returning your bucket to the post office. This fee is waived if you choose to donate your canceled bucket to our hiker bins.



Resupply Packages

We want your thru-hike to be flawless. Our resupply-hold services are available year round so you don’t have to worry if you are getting an early or late start on the trail. We are able to provide transportation from/to Onion Valley whenever the road is open. We provide our complete resupply package from mid-June thru September 30.

Our Complete Resupply Package Includes:

  • One nights lodging

  • Receiving and holding your resupply in our secure and air conditioned motel

  • Cold beverage upon arrival

  • Hot breakfast ( Vegan and gluten free options available upon request! Just mention it in your booking)

  • Laundry

  • Ride to and from Onion Valley Campground. Pick up time from Onion Valley is 3 PM on the date of your arrival. Return ride departs after breakfast at 8 am.

    • Transportation is provided by East Side Sierra Shuttle, operating under permits in the Inyo National Forrest


Resupply Instructions

To order your resupply package:

Visit our reservations page and select a room for one or more nights.

Click on the Resupply Packages tab and select the Hiker Resupply package for One, or Hiker Resupply Package for Two, and add it to your booking .

This will add the discounted items described above to your bill. If you would like to order more than two resupply packages, you can add additional ones on the Hiker Extras tab. If you have four hikers in your group, book 2 rooms to receive the full package discount again. Please contact us if you run into any issues while making your reservation.

Please DO NOT mail your resupply to the motel unless you have a reservation. If you cancel your trip, You will have to pay for return postage as the USPS is no longer returning unopened packages for free as of 2019.

Ship your resupply in a 3-5 gallon plastic bucket. Please include a return address.

DO NOT send your resupply in a cardboard box. We are located in a dessert filled with many critters that are drawn to cardboard. Plastic keeps them out. You can often get free buckets with lids from restaurants or purchase them for around $5 at a hardware store. We are not responsible for any damages to your resupply sent in a box and you may be charged a $50 relocation fee if we have to transfer your items into a bucket.

Send your bucket via USPS Priority mail so it arrives at least 1 week prior to your expected arrival date. Print your name and expected pickup date on the outside of the bucket. Buckets without an arrival date will be stored in the mystery bucket room, never to be seen again.

*Note that you can not ship or mail fuel of any kind. We have MSR fuel canisters for sale at the motel. Let us know if you need a specific type of fuel and we will have it on hand for purchase.


Mt. Williamson Motel and Base Camp

PO Box 128

Independence, CA 93526


Additional Resupply Resources

A photo of hiker resupply buckets with a link to zerodayresupply.com

Zero Day Resupply: https://zerodayresupply.com

Reds Meadow: https://www.redsmeadow.com

Muir Trail Ranch: https://www.muirtrailranch.com

Vermillion Valley Resort: https://www.edisonlake.com

Sonora Pass Resupply: https://www.sonorapassresupply.com

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